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Thread: level 2
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level 2 i think

somewhere on the end i have to find somebody to unlock the main door but i can't find him

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doesn't anybody know i'm in a hurry
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Sam Fisher
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this should help:


3.4 - Artus Detention Area


Initial Objectives:

*Rescue the Miners from the prison. Release the prisoners.

Primary Foes:

*Imperial Officers

Secret Areas: 1

Shoot the prisoners in the room you start out in, then climb up the metal bar
to reach the panel to unlock the door below. Kill the troopers in the next
room, then use another panel to unlock anohter door. You'll find yourself in a
large cylindrical prison area, joined by a series of staircases. You'll need to
fight off quite a few Trooper ambushes as you progress upward, and there's a
surprise in the form of Mobile Turrets on the top level, so be prepared for a
firefight. Take another staircase up to the facility's control room, where
you'll be able to unlock all the prison doors, as well as activate the fan in
the airshaft running up the middle of the room.

Go back down the stairs and through the previously locked door. Proceed through
and talk to the prisoner. He'll tell you that you need to capture the Base
Commander and force him to unlock the hanger's blast doors - but first, proceed
into the hanger and take out the Troopers. They'll fire on the prisoners,
unless you get really close, so pick them off from a distance. You can examine
the hanger's floor for some miscellaneous items.

Head to the upper platforms in the hanger, and find the unlocked door. When you
reach the walkway, shoot the lattice grille and jump through. Thankfully you
activated the fan earlier, and you can float down the pipe until you hit the
bottom; make sure you land on the grate or you'll get injured by the fan. Head
through the pipe to reach the bottom of the detention area; look around for a
loose grate to find a secret area.

You'll eventually reach another darkened mine area, which will be much longer
than the one you ran through in the last level. My recommendation? Book it.
Just run past all the Crabs, keeping your goggles on, and they shouldn't have
enough time to get their bites in. The passageway is linear, so proceed until
you reach another room where the Crabs are chewing on Trooper bodies. Head
through the door hear to reach a hallway with two more doors. The rightmost
passage will take you back to the hanger, but the leftmost will lead you to the
Base Commander. Kill all the Troopers and walk down the stairs to your right to
find the Commander, who won't put up a fight. He'll walk along slowly as long
as you have your crosshairs on him, so march him up the stairs towards the
blast door. You'll have to protect him from the Crabs that pour forth. After he
lets the prisoners out of the main door, he'll predictably turn on you, so
blast him and the rest of the Troopers. Now head out the newly unlocked door
until you find a locker room for the mine enforcers. Blast the grates and crawl
out of the facility to end the level.

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what was ment to be there did not load up for me and make the questions easier long time since i did single player try a game guide i know do one



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