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Thread: Character Backround Storys
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Character Backround Storys

Post your characters backround story.
Heres mine:

The Path of a Jedi Part 1

“I’m here for my wife, Lonkes” Kibar’dira said to Darth Vader as he stood in front of him light saber drawn.
“I do not think that will be possible” Vader replied “She has trespassed on Imperial property. She has to die.” As he said this he raised his light saber to cut Lonkes down. Kibar jumped at him but was overpowered and thrown to the ground.
“I was going to give her a painless death but because of your foolishness you shall both suffer.” Vader raised his saber a second time. When it fell it cut Lonkes’ lekku of her head. Vader held Kibar’s head so he would be forced to watch his wife suffer and die. Kibar used the force to pull his light saber back to his hand but his attempt was futile. Vader grabbed the saber and cut Kibar’s lekku from his head. As Kibar died Vader said “I will enjoy killing your son the same way I kill you.” Vader’s saber went up and came down with a bright red blur. Kibar’s head fell to the ground.

Klattu’dira woke with a scream. He had had this same dream every night scents his mother and fathers death. He knew Vader would someday come for him, too. He dreaded this day every minute of his life. But for now he was a simple moister farmer living at his late fathers farm. Every morning he would head out to check the vaporators but as usual today the first and probably the rest were empty. He slammed his foot in to the vaporator. He new he needed to head into Mos Eisley and find work but farming was about all he was good at. He wasn’t even that good at it. He had a job working for a company called PPS but that didn’t bring in much money either. If I was a better fighter I would make more but I’m not. He wished he could have lived in the time of the Jedi. He new if he was given the chance he could become a Jedi but all he could do was dream. He had met an old Jedi once who had told him he had potential. That Jedi had said when he returned from Allderan he would teach him the ways of the Jedi but it had been a long time scents he had seen him. He feared he would never come back. If I was given the chance I would leave and never come back. He hated this hot planet. The sand, the heat, the dryness of the air. He looked to the sky. “If only I could be up there among the stars flying my fighter” he said as he kicked at the sand. He didn’t have a fighter yet but he knew he would get one. He had found an old abandon A-wing once. It didn’t fly very well but he got the feel for it. He flew for hours and hours until the fighter ran out of fuel and crashed. He wished it had had enough fuel to get out of the atmosphere but it didn’t and there was no need to dream. He had to finish checking the vaporators.

A few hours later he had finished with very little profit. I’m going to go now. There’s no use staying here farming for less than I could make killing a single womprat and selling its pelt. I’ll sell the farm, by a small house near Mos Eisley, and find work there. He headed to the building he kept his swoop in. This piece of crap isn’t going to work for much longer. I’ll have to get a new one. He got on the swoop and headed for Mos Eisley to try to sell his farm.

A few miles out from Mos Eisley his swoop spun out of control. A blaster bolt had hit the back end of it. Another flew through the air just barley missing Klaatu’s head. He jumped off his swoop just before a shot hit the fuel compartment and blew his swoop into oblivion. He landed in a sand dune, looked up, and saw his attackers standing over him, a tuskin hunting party. I’m doomed. Suddenly the tuskins looked up and ran away. He saw a Krayt Dragon stomping up over the top of the sand dune with the remains of a tuskin hanging out of its mouth. The Krayt charged at Klaatu. Klaatu jumped up on top of the monster. How the heck did I jump that high?! He pulled out his blaster and started blasting away at the Krayt’s back. Barley any of the shots penetrate the monsters thick scaly skin. The Krayt swooped his tail up and it hit Klaatu hard knocking him to the ground. He blacked out.

Klaatu awoke and opened his eyes. He saw a Twi’lek standing over him. It was his cousin, Kiva’dira.
“You took a pretty bad fall there” Kiva said.
“ I’m just lucky you showed up” Klaatu said as he tried to sit up with little avail.
“Stay down. That Krayt is looking for us.”
“How long was I out? I feel like I’ve been out for days” Klaatu said rubbing his head.
“Only a minute or two. You bounce back fast. Lets get out of hear before that Krayt fines us.” They hopped into Kiva’s speeder and headed for Mos Eisley.

The Path of a Jedi Part 2

They arrived at Mos Eisley and parked in front of the cantina. They went inside for a drink. “Are you going to stick around for awhile?” Klaatu asked after they sat down.
“I guess I was hoping to talk you into coming with me this time.”
They sat silently for a minute or two then Klaatu said “Yeah. I’ll come. The farming business hasn’t been good and I’m really sick of this planet. I’ll have to sell the farm.”
“Taken care of. I found someone who wanted to by it just before I left Endor. They should be arriving in a day or two.”
“What made you think I would say yes?” Klaatu said angrily. “ That was my dads farm. I don’t want to just sell it to anyone.”
“Sorry. Don’t worry. He’s a nice guy. Kinda mysterious but a nice guy.”
“Ok. You had better be right” Klaatu said “or I’ll sell you precious ship when you sleep.” They both laughed. “I have some things to take care of before we go. Meet me back here in three days.” He left the cantina and headed to the local PPS facility.

“I’m here to request a transfer” he said to the attendant at the front desk.
“Ok. Please fill this out.” The attendant handed him a form. He sat down to fill it out. When he finished he brought the form back to the attendant.
As he was about to leave a Wookie came up to him and said “ Hello. My name is Rowwlok1. Please follow me.” Klaatu did what he asked. He followed him to a room were two other figures stood. One was a Zabrak who introduced himself as Rowda Lapitt. The other was a Human who Klaatu recognized as Jarek Rek.
“We have a mission for you that we think you might be able to pull off. We have a client who is having trouble with his vaporators. We thought scents you were a moister farmer you might be able to help him” Jarek said and then started laughing.
“That’s not funny. If you will excuse me I have things to do” Klaatu said then left the room.
“Hey. It was just a joke” Jarek called after him but he didn’t stop.

As he left the building someone grabbed him, pulled him over to the side, and said “He is here! Take this and find somewhere to hide!” Then as quickly as he appeared he was gone.
I don’t believe it! Vader is here?! He turned around and went back into the building. Rowwlok1 was standing at the door.
“Can I stay here for a couple days?” Klaatu asked
“Sure you can. We have some empty rooms on the third floor” Rowwlok said. “Sorry about the farmer joke.”
“That’s ok. I sold the farm anyway.”
“Here’s the keycard.”
Klaatu headed for the lift. I wonder what’s in this package? Once he was inside his room he sat down and opened the package. Inside was a journal, a blueprint to a light saber, and a holocube. He activated the holocube. There was a Twi’lek holding a blue light saber. Dad! The Twi’lek began to speak “I don’t have much time. I am tracking Vader. I am a Jedi Master and it is your destiny to become on someday. Here is my journal and a blueprint that I made for you. Make the saber and read my journal. It will be the key for you to follow the path of a Jedi. Son, I love you.”
“Dad wait!” Klaatu said but the image was gone.

The Path of a Jedi Part 3

“I know what I must do” Klaatu said “I must follow the path of a Jedi.” He picked up the blueprint and studied it. I will need a lot of stuff before I can start building it. This is going to be hard. He set the blueprint down and picked up his fathers journal, opened it up, and started reading.

Several hours later Klaatu set down the journal. He decided to go try to find some of the materials he needed to build his light saber. As he was leaving he saw Kiva running up to him. “They blew it up!” Kiva said angrily.
“Who blew what up?” Klaatu asked.
“Some Imperials came out a nowhere and blew up the silver shadow! I think we might be stuck here for awhile.”
“Vader.” Klaatu said with a far off look in his eyes.
“What. Vader is here? That can’t be. Why would he come all the way out here just to blow up my ship?”
“He’s after me.”
“What? Why?” Kiva asked.
“I never told you how my parents died” Klaatu told Kiva everything.

“So let me get this strait. Vader killed your parents and said he would kill you then today some old dude gives you a package with this junk in it?”
“That’s right. And now Vader is here and he wants me dead and no one can stop him.”
“And now we have no way off the planet. Darn! We’re in big trouble!”
“I have an idea. When is the guy who is buying my farm getting here?” Klaatu asked.
“Tomorrow. Why?”
“We can use that money to buy a ship but we still need somewhere to lie low until he gets here. My father started his training on Endor then went to Dathomir then when he was a fully trained Jedi Knight he went to fight the Krayts on Tatooine.”
“Sounds like a plan to me but were will we stay until we can leave the planet?”
“PPS. It’s the company I work for. They’re good at what they do.” Klaatu said then they headed back to the PPS facility.

“Whoa. If I would have known you were wanted by the Lord of the Sith himself I would have never let you in. We don’t want to get involved with this. If Lord Vader comes here he will shut us down and kill us all” Rowwlok said after Klaatu told him there situation.
“Please. We can’t do this on our own. We need your help” Klaatu pleaded.
“I’ll have to talk it over with Rowda. Wait here” Rowwlok said then headed into a back room in the facility.

A few minutes latter Rowwlok and Rowda emerged from the room. “We have decided to protect you. We have a small isolated facility about 70 miles from here. You two can stay there. We will provide you with transportation to the facility and we will send transportation when are sources let us know Vader has left the planet” Rowwlok said “and good luck.”
“Thanks guys. When do we leave?” Klaatu asked.
“20 minutes. The speeder will be waiting for you out back” Rowda said then he and Rowwlok went down a long hallway that led to the administrator of transportation.

20 minutes later Klaatu and Kiva got into the speeder that will take them to the isolated facility. The driver was Jarek. “Sorry about the farmer joke” he said as they pulled away from the building and headed out to the facility they will be staying at.
“No problem. I sold the farm so you can’t make farmer jokes anymore” Klaatu said.
“What about Jedi jokes?” Kiva asked jokingly.

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