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Thread: an italian point of view
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Old 12-15-1999, 09:03 AM   #1
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Post an italian point of view

I just wanted to express some ideas about the game.Sorry I'm late:in Italy it has been distributed on December 7th!Argh!;-).I've been waiting for this game for a long time and I must say that I am fully satisfied with it,though I am still playing it (I am wandering in the Palawan Temple right now).
Well,I'm an adventure game addicted and I didn't take well Lucasarts's news about an Indy action-adventure:I loved Fate Of Atlantis and I didn't love Tomb Raider too much....yet I am still a great Indy fan,so I was drooling like a maniac nonetheless,waiting to control Indy once again.
Let's get on with it:
1) Gameplay is not exactly the same of Tomb Raider series:using your brain is always needed and until now I've never gone through a level which had not a sense in the story.Most important:Indy SPEAKS! (With Ford's italian voice in the italian version:whopee!)I remember that I didn't like Tomb Raider because Lara was always silent during the levels and you missed the sense of your playing.In addition,you have also to use objects which are not always keys.Fighting is not as funny as in Doom?Of course it isn't!Fighting is not the main fun in this game:the Shambala Sanctuary level was very adventure-like,I didn't even care for those soviets (unfortunately,they cared for me....;-) ).What's the problem on controls?They're responsive,I think.
2) Story and interaction with characters is a delicate matter:they are not comparable to cinema-like plot and complex dialogue of Fate Of Atlantis :-(,yet they are however great and effective for a Tomb Raider-like game! :-)) We're simply talking about two different genres...
3) Ok,the graphic engine doesn't look like Unreal engine,but the graphic is very well painted,smooth and atmospheric:this is what I want from a game.
4) Ambient sound is ok,but I absolutely agree with those who are disappointed with music.Where is iMUSE system? Bajakian's music sounds great but there's not enough of it,just in cut-scenes.Fate Of Atlantis music,composed by Bajakian himself,with McConnell and Land,was wonderful! :-(
5) About the Guybrush cammeo:what does it mean?Are we going to have an action-adventure of Monkey Island? This could be the worst bull**** Lucasarts has ever made....I hope I'm only a pesimist.
6) A lot of guys are complaining about this game's being too similar to Tomb Raider.When Lucasarts/Lucasfilmgames produced Maniac Mansion they did not creat a new genre: "3D" graphic adventures have already been created by Sierra (King's Quest)...Lucas simply improved them and made them better!This is exactly what happened with Tomb Raider genre (or Prince Of Persia genre,to be precise) and Infernal Machine.

Sorry if I've been too long,but this message should be considered a global contribute to all the messages I've read on Indyjones.net since November 15th.CIAO!

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[This message has been edited by Dom76 (edited December 17, 1999).]
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Old 12-15-1999, 10:45 PM   #2
Shaggiana Joe
@Shaggiana Joe
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Dom, quanto tempo state parlando inglese? Non potrei fare le teste o le code di alcuno di quello stuff. Il mio italiano probabilmente difettoso quanto il vostro inglese, comunque.
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Old 12-16-1999, 08:04 PM   #3
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AAAARRRGHHH!Joe,did you REALLY not understand ANYTHING? I understood your message and I must admit that your Italian is not that bad....Do you REALLY think my English is worse than your Italian?I don't feel well....
Anyway,since this is an Indy forum,here's a synthetic version of my previous message:

"Infernal Machine is better than Tomb Raider,yet worse than Fate Of Atlantis"

I hope this is clear,but my previous masterpiece was far better ;-)


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