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Thread: I need several skins for my project
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Old 11-18-2005, 09:35 PM   #1
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I need several skins for my project

Hello, guys!

I have a WIP for JA's SP that I am working on. I am doing it alone, so I have a ton of time till it's finished. It is my first map, and I am trying my hardest to make it look great. This includes learning how to script and model. Even though the project is in it's design stages (only the first room is done, and not even the custom models I want to do there), I want to have skins begun soon so I have plenty of time to ensure that I need not delay the project's release by waiting for skins. Not saying that it will take that long to do it... but it will save me a lot of work. I have a heavy burden by designing my own level for the most part by myself, and I thought I'd get help.

I need several skins for the project. The first one is a skin for the player. I actually need two such skins.

Both player models must be human males. And the second should be based on the first. I don't have a drawing to base it on; I am allowing a ton of freedom on this. Just so long as it is human, and male. I know this may take a long time; that's why I am posting this so early in the project.

The first Jaden Korr skin should look every inch the Jedi Master he has become at the end of JA. (Some debate he was merely a knight, but by now he is a master, even if he wasn't at the end of JA). He can look however you wish, but the theme of the character is that he is the avatar of light, a valuable tool in the war against the Dark Side. A force to be reckoned with, but good and full of wisdom.

The second player model should be that same player viewed as a Dark Force user. If the player turns to the Dark Side, he should have the same clothing, the same basic appearence - but the details should have a sinister air to them. Not ugly, hideous or deformed, but evil. Sinister. A traitor bent only on death. One who looks like he is consumed by hate, anger, rage. Most of this can be done in the facial features - without making drastic changes to his basic appearance.

Next, I would like a reskin of a reborn_new seen only in JA. I would like the color scheme of the new Reborns changed drastically, with darker shades of Red fading to deep Violet. If you can, remove his veil and make him look like nothing more than a conduit for the Dark Side's power. A completely wretched form of evil, with reckless rage.

After this, I need a reskin of the original Reborn from JO. This can be done in JA, I think, since you can spawn it in Radiant and the game. This guy will be the UBER-EVIL: The new Sith Lord, the leader of the last of the Reborn. He should be deformed, but not hideous to look at. Scars, a pale face, burning, piercing eyes of flame, like Darth Vader in Ep. III. His clothing should be extremely dark, as black as jet, with small symbols suggesting a cult or gang on his chest and arms. He should look significantly more evil than the DS Jaden.

This is a long request, and I have left it wide open. Let your imaginations run wild, and don't worry about time. I have a long way to go on this map series. I can't even promise it done by my birthday (Mid-January). So there is a lot of time to do all of this.

My reason for wanting these done:

The Jaden models: I only will have lines for a male. It will be hilarious to see a female talk like a male. But hilarious is not what I am going for. I am going for a serious levelset, and I want it to be high-quality. Also, this allows for a striking difference between the LS player and the DS player.

The Reborn_new changes: This WIP takes place in a time where the Light is growing. The Dark Side is getting desperate, and determined. They will fight in unison to the bitter end. I want their clothing to reflect this.

The boss changes: More obvious is my purpose than my selection of which model to reskin. Tavion, Desann, and Alora are dead. The new boss should look like a completely different person. My choice of the JO Reborn skin is thus: The hood is an awesome part of defining who is who. Brown hoods signify an Old Republic (not KotOR) Jedi Knight, like from the Prequel Trilogy. Black, and similar shades of that nature signify a Sith Lord. Also, the Rebornmaster will be used as elite Reborn, no sense in having one of them be the big boss, too. I mean, he should stand out.

Well, I have requested a lot. I wish anyone who helps take up this request the best of luck. I have no problem with multiple people doing different skins; I would, however, prefer that the person who does the LS Jaden also does the DS Jaden. This helps keep the basic model the same.

Thanks in advance for the huge help. When you get a skin ready for viewing, please post a screenshot. If I see changes I'd like to be made, I'll let you know. If not, I'll post my email address so I can be sent the files. If the files are large, please WinZip them.

Deception, the best SP level-set in the world, is done! Get it here!
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I could probably make a few skins. I'm not good at skinning reborns of any kind, I can never really find something to work with.

I could probbaly rig a good Jaden off of one of the Jedi models (yep, dunno how to reskin jaden the regular way.) . Which Jaden would you want it to be? From what I've read from your other topic, you're going to have several Jedi and Sith. I could probably make a few of them also.

The thing is I don't reskin player made models, so everything I'd skin off of would be from the game itself. Also, I have school, and the holiday season is coming up so I won't be able to work on it much.

It has been months since I've made any skins or mods for that matter, and none of my files are hosted anymore, but heres a sample of my last project.

If you have an AIM, just add me from my profile and we can talk if you're interested.
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