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Thread: Great mod for JA
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Old 04-09-2003, 08:28 AM   #1
shock ~ unnamed
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Great mod for JA

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the Rocket Arena mod but implementing the basic idea of it into a JA mod would simply rock.

Now before you jump to conclusions about the name here is basically what it does:

Imagine connecting to *one server and being able to choose from 4 different “rooms” each with it’s own different map and game type.

One room has one on one NF dueling on duel_temple.

Room two has Full Force dueling on duel_bay.

Room three has 2 versus 2 guns and no Force on ffa_bespin.

Room four has a ten man TeamFFA Full Force guns match going on in ffa_ns_streets.

*No disconnecting and searching for different games simply click esc, highlight the room you want and join it.

The mod also has a great voting system that allows players to easily vote on far more changes than the normal voting system allows.

Players can call votes for disabling specific powers in Force matches and/or specific weapons in gun matches all through an easy to use menu system.

Tired of a guy spamming lightning in the FFA room?
Call a vote to disable it.
Passes, it’s gone from *just that room until it is voted back in.

All of a sudden feel like doing some 2v2 in the duel room?

Call a vote and it’s now a 2v2 duel, where you get to pick your partner before you’re “up”.

Someone “laming” in the FFA room but the admin is in the duel room?
No problem, simply \say_world <your text here> and all the players in the server will see your message.

This mod is immensely popular and has been in several different games ranging all the way from the Quake series to the Unreal Tournament series.

The amount of customization and freedom it allows players to have simply can’t be beat.

Having 1v1, 2v2, and 5v5 team matches all in one server on *different maps and being able to hop from game to game with out ever disconnecting is great.

This mod has been a staple of the Quake 3 scene from day one and being that JK3 is on the Quake 3 engine porting it to JA should not be that much of an ordeal.

Hell call it Jedi Academy Arena if you want.

Those of you in the mod making community should really consider trying to port this over, it has been a success in every game it has been made for and I’m sure the players of JA would welcome it as well.

Here is an example of “rooms” and how it works:

You connect to a server running ra3map1

You see this portal with 4 doors:

Door 1 takes you here:

Door 2

Door 3

And door 4 takes you to the team arena for Team matches

About Rocket arena^

Four styles of gameplay:
Rocket Arena - The original game of 1v1 or small team combat
Clan Arena - An improved version of Rocket Arena 2's popular pickup mode
Red Rover Arena - An innovative new team game that eliminates waiting and insures non-stop action
Practice Arena - Fight until your fingers bleed

Enhanced custom menu system

Simple voting through the new menu system, including the ability to vote between the four game types

In-game menu based admin allow server operators and their delegates full control

Arena locking and competition mode to facilitate fair clan play
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Neko Lain
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Sounds like a good idea.

Sorta like the ready room in natural selection.

But i dunno, i wouldent join the server if i wanted to play ctf or anything, i'd join it to chat with other people.
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Old 04-09-2003, 10:01 AM   #3
shock ~ unnamed
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Another feature in it is the "practice arena".

Basically in that arena your hits register and do knock back animations but no actual hp damage.

Since people get all nutty over the "train my Padawan" thing having a training map/arena where you constantly practice your moves/combos without having to wait for people to re spawn or having to wait for them to heal (while you are trying to demonstrate moves on/to them) would be something many players could utilize.

The thing is a lot of mods like Vulcan’s and Jedi Academy don’t offer competitive players any incentive to play on them or run them on their servers.

Most of us could care less about emotes and things of that nature.

On the other hand competitive mods like =X= mod have features like team locking that most average “fan” players have no interest in.

A mod like this would benefit both sides of the community.
Competitive players could play in matches and not have to worry about people running around saying “press K and duel me”.

The average player could practice in a kill free arena and not constantly become frustrated from dying as he tried to learn.

And the casual player who got lucky and found a server he pinged low at would not have to go searching for other low ping servers is he decided like playing a team game after some dueling.
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that is the sh!t uj. maybe someone will figure it out lol. i sure hope so.
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shock ~ unnamed
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Would be great but sadly the first reply pretty much sums up what JK games have become, third person view AOL Instant Messenger chat rooms.

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Hot Topic Starter 
Suddenly an image of a player with the Jan Ors skin appears in game

"Hey guyz!..'Sup?"

Silence on the server

Player mass around "Jan" and tons of similar messages filling the chat area of the screen: "M/F?"


C'mon.. the situation is bad... but not THAT bad ;p

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