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Thread: Problems on Level 2
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Problems on Level 2

at the prison on level 2,should I let them out? Some crazy ass machine keeps stinging me and I die....what's up wit all dat!!!
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I think tey're all dead...and don't bother. the interrogator droids are more trouble than they're worth.

Now, back in the water room, move around on the lower level until you come to
the walkway that lets you access a door opening onto an open shaft. Drop down
and crouch through the passage until you reach another largish room. Take a
left and proceed into another small observation room to shuffle the floor plans
once again. Head back out and into the white room through the now-unlocked
door, and nab some more items. Once you're through in there, head back through
the previous room and through the door on the other side. There are plenty of
troops in the area, so this might be a good time to bust out some of your
Thermal Detonators. Once the troops are dead, disable the turret nearby, grab
the key from the Imperial, and head down the steps to the brig area. You'll
find a platform that takes you up above the prison cells, where you'll
encounter another Imperial guarding the locks. Disable the forcefields, then
drop down and look around until you find the supply areas, where you can pick
up some neato Det Packs. The odd humming sound is coming from a pair of
Interrogation Droids that are coming your way. These fellows don't seem to have
any distance attacks, so shoot them down before they can get near you and you
should be fine.

Now walk back past the area where you killed all the Troopers until you come to
a locked door. This will open with the security key of the Imperial that was
hiding in an alcove across the way. You'll find yourself in an observation room
that overlooks one of the rooms you were in earlier. If you're running low on
shields, you can get to the shield generator by futzing around with the control
panels nearby. Hit the right one once, then the left one three times to blow
the shields. Continue on your way through the door, and get ready for a
firefight. The blast doors will open automatically, revealing a room full of
troopers and an Imperial manning a turret. The Troopers die as easily as they
ever do, but you'll have to strafe-fire the Imperial to knock him out of the
turret before he can rip you to shreds. Clear the room, and hit the switch in
the rear area. Troopers will charge you, so get into the turret and knock them
around a bit.
and that's what has to say about it
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